The Weatherwood Homestead


The Property

The Weatherwood Homestead Property and Columbia Mountain

The Weatherwood Homestead, nestled at the foot of the Columbia Mountain range in northwestern Montana, lies less than a half hour from Glacier National Park and ten minutes from the historic alpine town of Columbia Falls. The estate's wooded acreage border thousands of miles of pristine National Forest land, three hay meadows, and a small glacial creek.

Immaculately landscaped yards, sprawling gardens, vibrant flowers, Ponderosa pines, and exquisite mountain views are the essence of Weatherwood's rare rustic charm. The property's central barn and guest cabins are regular hosts to seasonal events, Montana destination weddings, and restorative vacations. All Weatherwood acres are lovingly tended by a small, highly-qualified staff of Montana artisans and professionals. 

In addition to Weatherwood's cabin-side grounds, guests are welcome to wander the estate's farmside acres, replete with a century-old rustic barn, a friendly remuda of American Quarter Horses, and a glimmering pond. Resident miniature donkeys, Buck the mule, and occasional wildlife give visitors a glimpse of the Old West as many Montanans once knew it.

This is indeed what makes the Weatherwood Homestead iconic to its staff, owners, and treasured guests: it invites all visitors into the heart of pure, pleasurable mountain living. 


the weatherwood event barn

Weatherwood Homestead Montana Weddings and Event Barn

The Weatherwood Event Barn is a distinctive component of the property's landscape. Once a premium riding arena, the event barn's spacious interior now accommodates up to 150 guests for romantic destination wedding receptions and ceremonies, special celebrations, and other related gatherings.

Every guest steps inside the Weatherwood Event Barn and is immediately swept into another world. Event barn visitors savor the sweet smell of pine and the sensation of soft sawdust beneath their feet, whether they are posing for photos in the vintage photography booth or watching Weatherwood newlyweds whirl across the professionally built wooden dance floor.

Tastefully arranged antique furniture, fresh straw bales adorned with colorful Navajo blankets, and elegant wagon wheel lighting create an undeniable magic that makes any event truly unforgettable.  

Every wedding at Weatherwood is authentic and seamless, given the event barn's hidden caterer station, bride-only facilities, built-in dance floor seating, raised music stage, and custom log and canvas wedding reception bar. All amenities are preset for wedding clients by Weatherwood staff.

We invite you to view videos of authentic Weatherwood wedding days here.


the Weatherwood main cabin


Adjacent to the Weatherwood Event Barn, Weatherwood's Main Cabin forms the heart of the property's venue-side acreage. In fact, this main cabin is Weatherwood's origin story, constructed of 100-year-old square chinked logs sourced from homesteading structures in the old farming town of Demersville, Montana.

Surrounded by fresh blooms and foliage and nestled in the pines, the Main Cabin is the true homestead of Weatherwood. All visitors state that they feel grounded and at ease when staying here, and its healing energy is inescapable.

Cabin guests can linger in the high-quality mountain comfort of the Weatherwood Main Cabin, enjoying all the luxuries of modern living with a distinct Western flair.  The cabin consists of two fully equipped bathrooms, two and a half bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, stone patio, and twin porches.

Visitors are welcome to use the patio grill and jacuzzi, lounge in porch Adirondack chairs, and explore the neighboring English garden. A well-tuned guitar is always at the ready for the musically inclined.

The Weatherwood Main Cabin is comfortable in all seasons due to its gas forced air heating and air conditioning, washer and dryer, and outdoor bonfire pit. All guests enjoy high-speed internet, although the majority of our visitors are surprised to find themselves disconnecting from technology during their stay, choosing instead to connect with each other and nature.

During Weatherwood weddings, the Main Cabin is exclusive to wedding family members and parties.


The Honeymoon cabin

The Weatherwood Homestead Honeymoon Cabin

The Weatherwood Honeymoon Cabin is a sweet, intimate addition to the estate's central grounds. Also constructed of square chinked homestead logs, this smaller cabin accommodates Montana newlyweds and traveling couples eager for a private retreat in the middle of the pines.

Honeymooners and visiting couples alike find everything they need in this small but charming studio cabin, including a bathroom, small kitchen, and generous living area and bedroom. The Honeymoon Cabin also provides a high-speed internet connection, modern utilities, and gas forced air heating and air conditioning.

At Weatherwood, we believe that every retreat, romantic or otherwise, deserves the quiet and privacy of the mountains. For this reason, all vacation rentals include combined access to Weatherwood's Main Cabin and Honeymoon Cabin.